Thursday, March 17, 2016

Review of Explanatory Synthesis

I found that my final draft adhered pretty close to my original design plan. There were some topics that I had decided to include in my final draft that I had not included in my original design plan and some ideas that were in my original design plan were not included in the final paper. This was not because a change of purpose in my paper but rather because of weak reasoning behind some of the ideas I had originally planned to include. Another thing I ended up changing was the sources I used. Out of the original three sources I had found, I only incorporated one in my final draft. The original image I was going to use summarized the ideas that I presented in my paper and I instead opted for an image that provided a new idea and reasoning. Throughout writing the paper, I rearranged the order in which I presented topics to produce a better flow and build up to a conclusion. I felt that I ultimately accomplished the goal of this project as I provided multiple topics that help explain my thesis.

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