Thursday, January 14, 2016

What are our responsibilities to each other when we blog? Do we have responsibilities to others when we communicate?

A blog is a place where knowledge can be shared and stories can be told. It is a place where we can reach out to anybody who cares to listen and share our experiences. What is offered in a blog must mean something to those who read it. It cannot be singular and secluded to the writer. A blogger must expose him or herself to the outside world by offering opinions and thoughts that can be related to, otherwise, what purpose do the readers have for reading your writing. Blogs must offer something of use, no matter how minor or trivial a post may seem. Communication is a powerful aspect of the human experience and a blog provides effective means for communication. Through communication we can provoke emotion, spark a thought, spur a debate, and even reconcile hard feelings. I believe that any successful bloggers have made it their goal to make use of one of these abilities of communication to the fullest.

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